Popads Review My earning Report of $ 4916.54 True Reports

Popads Review My earning Report of $ 4916.54 :

What is pop up ads:

One or more than external window or tab which appears behind the browser window or open as to next tab of a Website when the user clicks on your website’s inside the link or clicking on anyplace of your webpage. The externally opened tab may contain anything about information or promotional services, advertisement, malware or etc In contrast to a pop-up ad, which appears over (on top of) the browser window, a pop-under is less obtrusive as it hides behind other windows. Pop-under is used extensively in advertising on the Web, though advertising is not the only application for pop-under window.

Popads Review
Popads dashboard

Why popads is the best pop up ads advertisement for all country?

Yes I will give first rank to the popads.net website among all pop up ads networks.

1) Because its CPM rate is high is both high commercial area and low commercial area. If you have low traffic website, they pay upto 2$ per 1000 views for Indian traffic and $ 4+ for US traffic per 1000 visitor.

2) Minimum Payout is 5 $ and The Payment will be done within 7 days from the time your request.

3) They have anti ad blocker codes to increase your revenue. You can generate anti ad blocker codes from their code generator option. These blocker increase 50 % of your revenue.

4) Well Customer support. If you ask any question through their support center, you will get reply within 7 days and they are very well, skilled care support. This is my personal experience.

5) They approve all type of Website including adult videos, adult content, sexual videos, general, cinemas, copyrighted content etc. You will get immediate approval within 48 hours.

6) You can earn 10 % as referral commission as lifelong from your friend who joined by your referral link.

7) You can make full control on your website’s advertisement.

More details about pop ads FAQ

Also popads is the best Adsense alternative ad network.

But you should not use popads and adsense together. You will get Policy violation message frequently if you use together in the same website.

Payment: They pay within 7 days from the time of you request your withdrawal.

Minimum Payout: 5 $.

Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer.

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Join Now With Popads and Starts Earn

How to register popads?

First you have to complete your account details such as

Username: This for logging into your PopAds Panel

Popads Review Login credentials

Country: Select your country of residency

Account Type: You want to be advertiser or publisher or both. But you can access both even if you select advertiser or publisher (updated)

Password: create your login password and confirm it.

Personal details:

In this you have to enter Your personal name and phone number. => Solve the captcha => Click on register it => You will get verification mail from popads and get verified. After completion of verification process, you can login in to your popads dashboard.

Video Tutorial:

Popads control panel overview:

Publisher panel in popads

Dashboard: Here you can check out all of your current earning status (traffic, cpm bit, Traffic) by hourly,, Last total payout lifelong, referral member that you have, number of active websites. It shows all of your website metrics.

Reports: In this you can generate your website metrics.

Website: It shows about the number of active websites and approval status

New Website: In this, You can add new website.

Code generator: Here you can generate your ad code according to your traffic bid, this is the place to get anti ad block codes for your website.

Trouble shooter: After completion of your website submission, you can check with your website’s code implementation status.

Reports abuse: Here you can describe your problem about your website which means if your website suffers any problem such as virus, auto playing sounds and videos, additional popus or popunder ads, long loading, adult content, browser locking, tech support etc.

Knowledge base: if you have any problem with popads, here you can get your answer to your question.

Lets see Some Knowledgebase question:

Note here our means popads

For Blogspot domain:

As our ad code works only on the domain it was registered on, many of our publishers are worried that there might be problems with using our adcode on Blogspot based blogs, as Blogspot uses different domains depending on the visitor country (for example, the same blog can be reached by accessing blogname.blogspot.ae, blogname.blogspot.com, blogname.blogspot.de etc.).

Popads Not counting my traffic:

PopAds is an advertising network, not an Internet statistics software. In other words, we only count ad impressions and not your traffic.

If you believe we count less ad impressions than we should, there might be few reasons causing this problem:

  • Our system will detect you as a publisher and you will be getting only PopAds default advertisement. This is perfectly normal, your regular traffic will get real and paid ads.
  • Remember that in order to bypass popup blocker, visitor has to click anywhere on your website.
  • Our adcode is blocked by AdBlock or other similar browser extension/software.
  • The visitor uses NoScript or other similar browser extension/software.
  • The visitor has blocked our cookies or has blocked 3rd party cookies.
  • The visitor is using VPN or other forms of proxy.
  • We might have no advertisers for some visitors/countries.
  • The visitor has already seen too many popunders from our network this day.
  • The problem is in the traffic itself. Any form of bought or artificially generated traffic will not open our ads(this includes traffic from traffic exchanges).

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Please be aware that our system is prepared to properly handle this situation and you should not worry about it.

How can I increase my earnings:?

Our system is designed to automatically optimize your accounts and there is nothing we can alter. As we are a bidding network, our advertisers set rates. Due to this reason, we are not able to increase your rates.

Do you provide URL or Direct link?

No. We do not and will not provide direct URL. Also, we do not buy traffic resold from other adnetworks.
The only way to work with us as a publisher is to use our Javascript adcode.

Why is quality score important?

Quality score is an algorithmically calculated quality score of your traffic.
It is based on feedback we receive from our advertisers regarding your website. In case your website is new and there is no feedback yet, our system will assume that your traffic quality is 5/10 (two and a half star). This is normal and will be updated once we get enough data from our advertisers.
In order to keep your score high, try not to use many other ads on your website except for PopAds and focus on getting quality, organic traffic interested in your content.

How to withdraw my money?

Go to account manager => Select billing => Select withdraw => select the type of transaction (paypal, Payoneer, debit card, and wire)

Note: All the transactions are having their own threshold limit.

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Let start our website with popads.

How to add website in Popads?

Step1: Login to your dashboard => Go to New website which is available in the left side => enter your website name => Website URL => Website description => select category => add website

Popads Review
Add website With Popads

Step2: Afterwards they check your website and within 24 hours they approve your website. And they will send ad code along with approved email. Do not use that code because that code does not have anti ad blocking script.

Step3: Come back to your dashboard => go to code generator => do not give any value => Click on code generator => you will see 4 types of code => select standard anti ad blocking code => Copy it

Step4: Go to your website control panel => Edit HTML for blogger and theme code editor for wordpress => Find </head> => Paste the popads ad code above </head> => Save it, within 20 miniutes your code will be ready and you can start dollar fishing.

My payment details:

Popads Payment Report


Popads is the highest paying popunder ad network and their payment method also very simple, user friendly. This is the best adsense alternative for all type of website. But only one drawback is if you use these type of popunder ad network, your user may suffer.


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