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How to uninstall whatsapp:

Before you uninstall WhatsApp you will have an option to backup all the messages you have shared on whatsapp and if you give it you will get all that information when you open whatsapp next. After that you can type your mobile number and uninstall.

Business whatsapp how to download:

Business whatsapp will be used more and more by entrepreneurs. We can also download this through the play store app. This app can be easily used on Android and iPhone. What business WhatsApp group is most effective for the success of many professionals. This WhatsApp has been developed with the latest updates. There are many types of WhatsApp like fm whatsapp, gb whatsapp. It will give you a lot of information.


After we install whatsapp account we will type our mobile number to activate it. After typing we will get a verification number. You will be given 2.40 second time to get that number. You will then receive six digital Ponda numbers. If you type it, WhatsApp will be open for you. This code will only come to you if you give the correct mobile number.

Once we have the sim card in our mobile phone, we can easily activate the code. When you create a WhatsApp account you need to check if your mobile number is currently yours before typing it. You need to type in it only after you have checked.

Account and Profile:

We can keep his favorite profile photo after we open Whatsapp. In addition, we can edit the photo as our favorite model. Even in About we can keep our favorite verses to show to others. We can change many of our likes and dislikes by going to Whatsapp setting. Generally, if you want to delete this whatsapp account, go to settings and click on the account that asks you to delete the account through which you can delete. Similarly, if you want to change your mobile number, you can change it and finally you will be asked to change number so that you can change another mobile number.

whatsapp has notification feature. We can keep our favorite notification sound if someone sms us. Similarly we can select one for the group only. Then there is the help feature. That way we can ask them if there is any doubt on WhatsApp. We can find the solution to all the problems in WhatsApp.


When Whatsapp first came along we could only talk by typing. After that came every update. After some time we can easily talk to others through voice record. This voice typing was very useful for people who do not know how to type. After that we can respond to the message that someone shares by emoji. Not only that but we can talk and play with many comedic stickers. When we talk together as a group they play more and more with stickers. WhatsApp also has many features like gif. If you want to send your photos to your favorite people we can send.

In addition, we can exchange documents and many videos on whatsapp. Even if I delete the sms I send to others, it can be taken as a backup. Business whatsapp will talk about many business related deals. If we find it wrong when we talk to someone you can delete it. It is given the facility to delete that anonymously. They brought many updates to keep the status new on Whatsapp. We can keep status with our favorite songs or photos everyday. We can see how many people see the statuses I put up. And if we want to see only our favorite people, we can only keep them visible. We can easily search by sending an invite link.


If we want to send money to someone we first send via google pay, paytm, phone pay. But now we can make money transactions through Whatsapp. It is also very safe when we send money to others. They give us many rewards just like any other app. They send us extra money when we first pay someone. We need to fully activate our bank account in our Whatsapp account. After we open it we can open his chat to whom we are going to pay and we can send the money through payment. We can keep a password for it. We can easily send money through our UPI pin and UPI id. We just do not need to pay for any app if WhatsApp is enough. This update is very useful for people.


If we save the contact of all the people on our mobile phone, we will be shown their account if they also have Whatsapp. We can also create a group feature on our own through the contact in our WhatsApp group. If you open a Whatsapp group, up to 250 people can join it.

Security and Privacy:

We can keep the password of our Whatsapp note so that no one else can enter it. Also, if a person sends us messages by mistake, we can block them if we do not like them. When we send an sms, if that person reads it, we will get a blue tick. I can keep it from being shown to other people. Whatsapp settings We can change all our privacy for our benefit.

Whatsapp Facilities:

Whatsapp is an app that everyone uses. There will be no gmail account in the world but no one without a Whatsapp account. In the past they would exchange the information we needed through gamil. But now we can add through Whatsapp. Usually when we go to work for a company we have to share all our resources first and foremost through gamil. But now through WhatsApp everyone is told to download. Not only that but in the past we were only talking to someone on the phone but after the invention of Whatsapp we now have the facility to chat with people. We can not only talk but also share the photos we need. Since then the company has been bringing updates on Whatsapp every year.

Whatsapp is currently being used more and more by more people. From little ones to adults there will never be people who don’t know what Whatsapp is. We can easily talk to our friends and to the right people to ask if we have any doubts. Also, if we do not like someone on the Whatsapp account, they can hide our photo from them. Many students preparing for government jobs have studied through the WhatsApp group and have been successful in life. There is a lot of news that people need to know through Whatsapp.